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The Secret of Ideas

“Ideas are born and die every day.

Some arrive there, others there.

Others are not enough.

And there are those that are kept in the corners of our brain.

For one day to be discovered by chance.

This work makes us reflect on the great capacity of the human being

to give up his ideas. Choose one for the circumstances

and abandon others that just weren't born polished.

The world's geniuses have always been those who never gave up,

who believed in all their ideas. ”

- Kátia Alves


This work is inspired by the creative process of artists of all arts.

Beginners, experienced or consecrated, everyone treats ideas as something precious that must be excavated, found and cut.

"Secret of Ideas" reflects the world of creation, its anxieties, its ecstasies.

The birth of brilliant ideas, the unbridled search for the new.


XIII Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica Artística de Aveiro – 2017

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