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Stolen Childhood

We are destroying the future.

We are stealing civilization's greatest hope.

Every minute a child is enlisted for war.

They enter it as if it were a game,

but little do they know that this game

never comes out the way it entered.

Mutilated, raped, gagged, kidnapped.

Their innocence is lost

at the same time as the reason for living.

The "Children Stolen" collection

portrays through the ceramics this drama

experienced by our children around the world.

There are 15 million living this reality.

Of all races, of all beliefs.

A collection of 15 children in ceramics

that brings the tears of the world together

and turns them into silent cries for help,

in supplication for a world of peace.


Biennial of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal - 2015

5th National Salon of Ceramics of Curitiba - 2016

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