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Free Will

“Everything is light.

Everything is shadow.

We are half of a Whole.

The human is exhausted in the divine.

We spend a lifetime to discover that we are

everything we didn't want to be.

The paths are always tortuous.

Like inexplicable experiences.

The unique learnings.

But it is our choices that weave our destinies.

And no matter which side, they all lead to one place: the divine. "

- Kátia Alves


The work presented in halves of spheres shows the human being's capacity for transformation, a possibility to change his mind and make new choices. The plaster mat in different directions shows that we can shape the way to go. This is called free will. We are not doomed to a single destination. We are dual and we may have the choice of walking the path of Light or Shadow. With these choices we have different experiences. That is life, which is shaped according to our choices and decisions.


XIII Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica Artística de Aveiro – 2017

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